With more than 15 years of experience, Dorinda possesses a proven track record of increasing organizational effectiveness, shaping cultures, strengthening teams, and positioning businesses for sustainability.

Early in her journey, Dorinda found a niche in working with institutions and organizations to grow their business consulting practices. First, with Zane State College, she took their training and consulting program from a meager $35,000 in annual billing, to an unprecedented $850,000 in revenue with a #18 ranking out of 58 institutions in the state of Ohio.

Dorinda has also worked with TechSolve as a regional Sales Manager, the Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth, and local manufacturing organizations, where her perseverance and expertise again helped to produce exemplary results and growth.

Dorinda Byers

Dorinda Byers


With The Ohio State University, Dorinda built the university’s MEP consulting practice by establishing a presence in the business community, capturing key commercial accounts, and paving the way for future growth.  Currently, with Ohio University Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), Dorinda is providing leadership and coordinating services, programs and events for PTAC in 18 Central Ohio counties.  PTAC clients secured more than $915 million in government contracts last fiscal year alone.

With a wealth of experience under her belt, Dorinda has launched D Byers & Associates, founded on the principles she has leveraged throughout her career. Dorinda evaluates current organizational performance, creates action plans to address issues and overcome challenges, and executes to drive ROI and measurable results.


Eddy Biehl


Eddy has over 40 years of management experience in the oil and gas industry, with a family history in the industry that goes back generations. Through his decades of experience, Eddy has learned to navigate change with a steady hand in one of the most volatile industries in the world. He has also learned to relate to individuals with various backgrounds, bringing understanding and empathy to every relationship and interaction.

Eddy graduated from Harvard University in 1979 with a degree in Economic Geology. He didn’t necessarily intend to go into the family business, but the oil boom of 1979 along with a desire to return to Southeastern Ohio where he was raised, led him into the industry. He initially worked as an independent consult, eventually building a successful consulting company that grew over the next decade.

Over the next eight years, Eddy served as president of Halwell Company, where he oversaw the acquisition of over 1250 wells in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. During this time, Eddy expanded his expertise to include many aspects of the financial and legal portions of the industry.

In 1998, Eddy founded Stonebridge Operating Company with wells that he recently acquired from Halwell Company. Eddy grew the company to over 1000 wells across the region. More recently, in 2011, the company began offering services to Utica shale drillers through Stonebridge Oilfield Services, in response to new technology and changes in the industry.

Eddy’s vast experience in dealing with financial, legal, operational and human challenges give him a unique and valuable perspective that can be applied to numerous industries facing a variety of challenges. He loves to share what he has learned with others and to help them see the big picture in order to adapt and grow.

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