Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion It would be great to think individuals consider all available knowledge when making a decision. But very often, the truth is different. More than ever, we need shortcuts or rules of thumb to direct our decision-making in the constantly overloaded lives we lead. Understanding these shortcuts and using them in an ethical and effective way will greatly improve your likelihood of success. Influence is authority. When the circumstance dictates, we want to be able to use it. The fact is, [...]

It’s Time for Personality Management!

It's Time for Personality Management! Have you ever consider something like “personality management”?  Does it sound confusing? Consider time.  When we feel pressed for time, is it tempting to blame others?  The truth is, the way we spend or lose time is our own choice. Instead of working on that task or doing something productive, you definitely want to binge-watch TV all day. It's all about you and nobody else. Learning how to control your time doesn't happen. It can be a long process involving [...]

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