Enabling organizations to make better talent decisions

TTS works with clients to help them make better talent decisions through highly contextualized, flexible and integrated assessment processes and outcomes.

They deliver online talent solutions as unique as your organization by integrating the science of industrial psychology, technology and a choice of best-of-breed assessment and development products.

Set Up for Success: The critical importance of proper work analysis

Effective work analysis is key in organizational life, playing a crucial role in organizations in general and in business success in particular.

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Their solutions are underpinned by three foundations:

  1. Expert Services

    Their consultants are experienced behavioral scientists and Industrial-Organizational psychologists. They help their clients determine what good looks like
    and then help them assess for the talent that will enable them to succeed.

  2. Best-of-Breed Products

    Not all assessment products are created equal. They offer internationally-recognized, award-winning assessment solutions that are scientifically rigorous,
    relevant, and future-proof

  3. Talent Assessment Technologies

    Their technologies help their clients define their own competencies, administer and manage their own psychometric assessment processes, and produce integrated, easy-to-interpret reports

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